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“We lead and support beekeepers through their beekeeping journey by teaching and demonstrating the best possible beekeeping practices.”

The J Beekeeping Club was established three decades ago to serve the Hume shire and surrounding areas. Our club is led by passionate and experienced beekeepers who have a wealth of knowledge to share with our members. We hold monthly meetings where we cover various topics and invite guest speakers to provide valuable insights. Throughout the year, we also organise workshops, with our beginner workshop being particularly popular among new beekeepers. As a bonus, our members enjoy access to an on-site store with discounted products and convenient honey extraction facilities (and kitchen licence), allowing them to sell their own honey extracted at our facilities.

Interested in seeing what being a member has to offer? Come along to a monthly meeting, the first one is free, and then its just $50 a year to join!

Monthly Meetings

Our J Beekeeping Club monthly meetings take place on the second Wednesday of each month, between 7-9pm at our club rooms at 35 Duncans Lane in Diggers Rest. Sessions are free for club members, with a yearly membership costing only $50, and your first meeting is free! Our 2024 Meeting Calendar can be downloaded here.

Next Meeting: Wednesday July 10

How to make creamed honey
Certificate in Beekeeping
Managing your bees by the moon cycle

More information can be found here on our upcoming events.

Club News

Why Become A J Beekeeping Club Member?

At the J  Beekeeping Club we want our members to learn from our experienced members as well as from our various Guest Speakers to build on the techniques and methods of beekeeping that most relate to their style and beekeeping goals.

We suggest before you buy a hive or any gear to come along to one of our monthly meetings where you will be welcomed by our Membership Manager who will answer any questions you might have about our club.

You may also decide to start with one of our field days at our club apiary to find out if you are comfortable around bees before you invest in equipment or bees.

Once you have joined the club we will nominate an experienced club member to provide you with practical support.

You might decide that you would like to sell some of your honey and will be able to benefit from our Kitchen Licence which allows any of our registered members to sell honey they have extracted at our kitchen. We also have a store at the club which is always stocked with beekeeping equipment and gear which our members can buy at discounted prices.


Next Workshop: October 13 2024

The J Beekeeping Club is pleased to announce the following workshop – INTRODUCTION TO BEEKEEPING

Aimed at beginner beekeepers to set foundations of best practices in bee husbandry.

More information head to our upcoming events page.

What our members have said about our workshops

Highly Recommended

Went to this workshop today what a great day!
Highly recommend this workshop for newbies it was very informative.
Everyone was so welcoming.
Thank you!

About The Club

The J Beekeeping Club was founded in 1994 by volunteer members of the Slovenian Australian Community and Sporting Club Jadran. The club was originally called the J Bee-keeping School of Melbourne, and was led by Stan (Stanko) Starc. The club’s meetings were held in Kirnova Koča (Kim’s Hut), a small hall that had been dedicated to the beekeeping club by Jadran.

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