Upcoming Events at the J Beekeeping Club

Monthly Meetings

Our J Beekeeping Club monthly meetings take place on the second Wednesday of each month, between 7-9pm at our club rooms at 35 Duncans Lane in Diggers Rest. Sessions are free for club members, with a yearly membership costing only $50, and your first meeting is free!

Next Meeting: Wednesday April 10

Preparation for Winter: Resources, pack-down & ventilation
Feeding bees – sugar & supplements
Preparing honey for judging
Moving hives – short and long distances

Can’t make it in person? If you’re a member you can join online via Zoom — inquire if you have not received details.

Our 2024 Meeting Calendar can be downloaded here.


Next Workshop: October 13 2024

The J Beekeeping Club is pleased to announce the following workshop – INTRODUCTION TO BEEKEEPING

Aimed at beginner beekeepers to set foundations of best practices in bee husbandry.

* Theoretical
* Beekeeping Basics
* Code of practice
* Getting started (Purchasing equipment, obtaining a colony)
* Managing brood
* Finding the queen
* Practical
* Frame assembly
* Hive / Brood inspection
* Honey extraction


* Non-members: $75.00 (includes optional free membership)
* Members: Free!

What to bring: As we will be doing a hive inspection on our onsite hives, please bring along your bee suit, long sleeve shirt, long pants and close toed shoes. A limited number of suits are available for loan, please check and reserve beforehand if you will be in need of one.

** Plus booking fee