The J Beekeeping Club

The J Beekeeping Club was founded in 1994 by volunteer members of the Slovenian Australian Community and Sporting Club Jadran. The club was originally called the J Bee-keeping School of Melbourne, and was led by Stan (Stanko) Starc. The club’s meetings were held in Kirnova Koča (Kim’s Hut), a small hall that had been dedicated to the beekeeping club by Jadran.

The club’s goal was to promote beekeeping and to teach new beekeepers the best practices for keeping European honey bees. The club held monthly meetings where members could learn from experienced beekeepers.

In order to raise awareness of beekeeping and to promote the club and its products, the club started an annual Beekeeping Festival. The festival is still held every year on a Sunday in early March. The festival attracts visitors from all over the region, and features a variety of activities, including beekeeping demonstrations, honey tastings, and educational exhibits.

The J Beekeeping Club is a valuable resource for beekeepers in the Melbourne area. The club provides a supportive environment for learning and growing, and it helps to promote the importance of beekeeping to the community.

The J Beekeeping Club Committee

President: Mick Symczycz
Secretary: Kevin O’Sullivan
Treasurer: Heather Samsa